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Team Development 

Group Fitness Session

60 minute - emergency themed - group fitness class. 4 - 10 per group

Join a Personal Training Instructor for an energetic and challenging workout.

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Custom Scenario

Build your own custom activity with your ideas in mind. 4 - 10 per group

Work with RescueFit to build a session that meets your goals and objectives.

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First Aid Practice

Outdoor Emergency 'First Aid' in action class. 4 - 10 per group

Put your basic first aid to the test with this interactive scenario based activity.

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Dynamic and action packed competitive games. 4 - 30 per group

Fun and exciting team games for all abilities and skill sets.

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The Mission

Emergency services are the vital link between country and community. They should be supported and respected. Communities that rely on critical services can help to protect and maintain the health and wellbeing of service personnel, as they do for them.


This can be done by promoting respect, understanding, including them in our thoughts and conversations, and by taking their advice and guidance, applying it to our daily lives.


RescueFit is a community of public and serving individuals that replicate the strong bond of working in a frontline service by facilitating fitness and wellbeing sessions for its members.

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