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Online Coaching 

Hi and thanks for letting us join you on your journey so far!

Submit a discovery call request and start today!


Using this brief form we will contact you and set up a FREE discovery call to discuss the options available. We will not use this data in any other way other than try and connect with you on the first step towards reaching your goals.


Step 1: Complete the Online Client Discovery Call Request form



Step 2: Book and take part in a Discovery Call (aprx 20 mins)

Step 3: Select an option and complete payment

Step 4: Book and take part in your Client Consultation (aprx 1 hour)

Step 5: Await your package to arrive in the form of Digital Downloads

Step 6: (Online Coaching option only) schedule Weekly Connections

Online Coaching / Products:


1. Online Coaching (weekly contact, billed monthly)

This is the modern way to connect with a personal trainer at an affordable price. RescueFit® Online Coaching uses an initial large data collecting phase to set up a long term plan to get you to your end goal. Weekly connections are made between the client and coach to work towards perfect form, positive habits and desired outcomes.


  • Nutrition and Diet Support (not full meal plans)

  • Personalised Training Program (home or gym use)

  • Cancel Anytime (after month 1)

  • Client Consultation and Data Collection

  • Weekly Coach Connections and workout adjustments

  • 3/6/12 Month Target and Progression Charts

  • Price Lock and Automated Payments

<<< £97 per month Direct Debit >>>


2. Downloadable 12 week Plan (personalised 'one of a kind' plan)


If your able to be self motivated enough to work through a programme but unsure of what to do and when to do it, the 12 week digital download option is the one for you.



  • Client Consultation and data collection

  • FREE RescueFit® Sticker and Patch Set (worth £10.50)

  • Access to the RescueFit® Online Community Programme

  • Email discussion and explanation post purchase

  • PDF and Word Document Digital Downloads

  • 12 Week Plan and progression charts

<<< £77 one off payment >>>

Accepted Payment: PayPal, Via Wix Webstore, Apple Pay, Credit/Debit Cards



RescueFit UK Ltd is the 'emergency service' brand focused on helping its community to get and stay fit for the roles they provide for the public.


Brad Wheeler

  • Online Coaching

    Every month
    Affordable connection - weekly contact, billed monthly
    • Client Consultation and Data Collection
    • Access to RescueFit Online Community
    • FREE RescueFit® Sticker and Patches Set
    • Weekly Coach Connections and Workout Adjustments
    • Cancel Anytime (after month 1)
No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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